Using McCormick Software For Project Management

Many McCormick Systems users -- Electrical and ABS contractors -- are using our estimating software as a project management tool. This is an important extension of the return on the money and time they have invested in our software.

How can you put this to work in your company?

Preparing the Job for Job Management:


1. Most Contractors break the job into logical parts for Job Management. A lot of that work is automatically done for McCormick Systems estimating users. Our Cost Codes sort the job’s parts the way they will be installed -- and may be customized by the user.

Some Cost Code examples include:

2. The job may be broken down by labels to further facilitate project management. Some examples and the reasoning behind the breakouts are shown below.

The example above would give a list of material needed to complete Floor 1 of Building A for the Base Bid, and also the hours estimated to complete that area. The example below shows a breakout by cost code with material and labor totals.

An extension report for any of the label breakout, showing dollars, hours and percentages of material and labor for each cost code is also available for Project Management.

The above information may also be displayed as a graph.

While estimating the job, you've already put the information needed for job management into your McCormick System estimating software (Electrical or ABS). What's important here, for managing your project, is that you can get that information out -- any way you'd like to see it. To manage the job, of course, you'll want to break it down into logical parts (just as you probably did in estimating!).

Using McCormick Software For Material Purchasing

McCormick users potentially have two options with the Electrical or ABS estimating software to assist in the material purchasing segment of managing a project. One in our standard estimating software and an additional choice if you use our CAD Estimating.

Above is a list that can be generated - easily - from your McCormick estimating software. You can generate this for an entire job, or just one floor or portion. This list can be used for:

These reports are customizable for your Company’s use.

If you are using CAD Estimating, you can select a piece of the drawing and get a list (similar to the one above) of material needed to complete just the portion of the drawing you've selected. It can be a floor or even a smaller segment. The high level of accuracy inherent in using the drawings, and in our CAD Estimating, helpsyou to have the right material on the job at the right time.

Note that areas of the job may be boxed (as shown above) -- to get from CAD Estimating, precisely the amount of material (and hours needed) for an area.

That's not all. By boxing the portion of the job you've completed, you can get information you want on the completed part of the job -- for costing purposes


Graphs, Relationships & Drill-Downs

Built into your McCormick Systems estimating software (Electrical and ABS) are graphing solutions. You can easily obtain a graph, such as the one above, that displays the project estimate, and the relationships that are incorporated into your current job.

Drill downs for each section of the graph are also available (as shown below):

This graph shows the labor mix used for this job

Change Orders: A Project Management Fact Of Life

Managing change orders can be a vital part of project management on any given project.
McCormick’s Change Order program does an excellent job of just that.


The total Job may be brought in including the Base Bid and the accepted Alternates. Then the Change Order(s) may be estimated using your McCormick Estimating System and your choice of material and labor pricing.

The top eight boxes are user definable and show the figures that you select.

The Change Order status -- such as Submitted, Pending, Approved, etc, -- can be set with the figures showing the change.

An Alert date may be set.

What if the slab will be poured a week from Friday and the Change Order included some under slab work? You can set an alert that will remind everyone that the Change Order needs to be approved in time to do the work.

What's more, you can use McCormick Systems software to customize Change Order reports in the way your company wants to see them (or present them) -- with an example shown below:

In conclusion, Project Management is a snap using the McCormick Systems Estimating software.