Contractors Gain Estimating Flexibility With McCormick’s Latest, Version 7.0 

Flexibility is something contractors want. They’ve told McCormick, and the company has responded – with major changes to its estimating software, with Version 7.0.

Complete Flexibility – contractors can edit every aspect of the estimate after it is complete -- individual labor units, specific product prices, or entire portions of the job.

Update Estimate – a bid might be a winner, but the job might start months later. Estimators can now update prices and labor costs months later – while still holding key segments of the estimate as they were.

Speed  – individual users can tailor the speed at which a computer performs the estimate’s extensions, by tailoring the software’s demands to the machine being used.

There’s much more in Version 7.0, an upgrade to Win 3000, 6000, and 8000 systems. For details, call McCormick at 800-444-4890.

Privately owned, McCormick Systems (, of Chandler, Ariz., provides high-productivity software for contractors to use in producing consistent, profitable estimates for electrical and voice-data-video work.