No More Musical Chairs! – Thanks To McCormick’s Networked Estimating

With its new Win 12000, McCormick Systems has made life easier for estimators and project managers.

Contractors who networked their estimating software previously purchased fixed-in-place licenses. A contractor with five network licenses would have each of those assigned to a given computer. In such an office, with perhaps eight potential users, estimators and project managers would, on occasion, have to play musical chairs. That day is over!

The Win 12000 system enables a contractor with 20 or more estimators and project managers likely to use the McCormick system to purchase perhaps only 10 licenses. Now, the server will keep track of user status – allowing up to 10 users access to the McCormick system at any given time, no matter which machine they are using at the time.

For details, call McCormick at 800-444-4890.

Privately owned, McCormick Systems (, of Mesa, Ariz., provides high-productivity software for contractors to use in producing consistent, profitable estimates for electrical and voice-data-video work. 

  Release date: June 30, 2001