Olivia Croslin


Inside Sales Representative

2 Years Serving the Construction Industry

Professional Bio:

Olivia joins the McCormick sales team from Grand Canyon University where she received a degree in Marketing. She came from the automobile industry where she spent 4 years taking phone calls, assisting the sales department, supporting managers and helping out with whatever needed to get done. Olivia wore many hats while working in support to sales that will be beneficial in her role moving forward at McCormick Systems.

Olivia now serves as an Inside Sales Representative for McCormick Systems, focusing on making client connections and establishing new relationships for McCormick. In her role, Olivia works on reaching out to contractors to identify their specific software needs and figure out how McCormick can help. Her daily goal is to find the right solution for each contractor she talks with.

Olivia is very excited to be a part of the McCormick team. She’s looking forward to growing in this new role by developing her sales and communication skills to become a trusted resource for contractors looking for new software.

Personal Bio:

Olivia enjoys the outdoors in her free time in any way she can. Whether she’s hiking, snowboarding or camping, the outdoors is where she loves to be.


  • Meet quotas and schedule demos as often as she can
  • Build relationships with clients
  • Improve her communication and sales skills

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