Patrick McCormick


Client Sales Representative

10 Years Serving the Construction Industry

Professional Bio:

Patrick first started his career with McCormick Systems while he was still in high school by working in the telemarketing department. From that role, Patrick shifted into tech support, where he learned all about caring for McCormick’s vast client base. Wanting to explore career options early on, Patrick took a break from a traditional construction career and joined the United States Marine Corps. After his service, Patrick returned to McCormick and reprised his role in tech support.

Patrick eventually moved to become a Support Account Manager. From there, he transitioned into an outside sales position helping new contractors find the best estimating solutions for them. Now he is working exclusively with existing clients.

An average workday for Patrick consists of talking to as many contractors as possible to answer any questions they have. Patrick finds himself on the phone most of each day simply trying to connect and build relationships with clients. Whether those contractors are located locally or all over the world in places like Dubai and Chile, Patrick finds a solution for their needs.

Having a family background within the electrical industry, Patrick chose to take on the plumbing and mechanical side of things. Taking the lead on the plumbing side of the business has allowed Patrick to serve as a mentor to others while also continuing to learn in both trades.

Personal Bio:

In his free time Patrick enjoys an active, outdoor lifestyle with his two sons. Together they enjoy soccer, mountain biking, hunting, rock climbing and fishing.


  • Continue to build relationships with clients.
  • To ensure that McCormick clients are set to estimate any job that comes across their desk.

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