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McCormick Pro is the fastest and most customizable estimating software for contractors in the electrical, plumbing and mechanical trades.

Get the most accurate estimates and scale your estimating and digital takeoff needs to the size of your business.

Faster Bids, Every Time

  • Design-build with prebuilt items and custom assemblies
  • Auto-count assemblies, receptacles and measurements in a click
  • Automatically draw, measure and estimate runs with our patented Auto Home Run
  • Update pricing instantly from preferred suppliers

Streamline Your Bidding Process

  • Measure and count assemblies simultaneously
  • Automatically adjust measurements as you build your space
  • Update and compare pricing from most major distributors
  • Know the details of every job with advanced executive dashboards

Integrated Change Order Management

  • Enter and track change orders for any job
  • Set change order status to automatically update supplies, labor hours and cost
  • Convenient dashboards to view changes to costs and profits on all selected jobs

Customized Software for Your Needs

  • Customizable job screen for bid management
  • Get more out of your takeoff with unlimited takeoff windows
  • Custom extension reports
  • Correct errors quickly with built-in data reporting
  • Access trade-specific databases with thousands of preloaded items and assemblies
  • Make changes on the fly with advanced audit trails and edit extension

Design and estimate in one program. McCormick Pro comes with our all-in-one digital takeoff tool, Design Estimating Pro.

With Design Estimating Pro, contractors can complete estimates and takeoffs all in the same drawing — from PDF to proposal.

Design Estimating Pro:

  • Point-and-click home runs for faster takeoff
  • Work on multiple plans and drawings simultaneously
  • Overlay drawings to easily compare job plans
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Are you ready to see McCormick Pro in action?

McCormick Systems’ Change Order tracking tool lets contractors know the exact status of all change orders.

See which change orders are outstanding, pending, approved or rejected at a glance.

Know Where Each Job Stands

  • Enter and track the status of every change order
  • Instantly see impact to your bottom line
  • Set calendar alerts to never miss a deadline

Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Forecast faster with real data to avoid nasty surprises
  • View total changes to cash flow, labor hours and timelines
  • Update projections as soon as you adjust change order status

Solve Your Change Order Tracking Needs

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