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Customizable Estimating and Digital Takeoff Software

Maximize your chance to win jobs with the fastest, most customizable estimating and digital takeoff software solution designed for the electrical, plumbing and mechanical fields.

All-In-One Design and Estimating

Included in McCormick Pro is the all-in-one digital takeoff tool, Design Estimating Pro. Complete estimates and takeoffs in one program — from PDF to proposal.
  • Add multiple plans, sheets, images, and any additional job information
  • Easily complete linear takeoff with multiple points
  • Point and click directly on your drawing for easy counting
  • Auto-count and Auto Home Run features help speed up takeoff
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McCormick Pro Software Features

Built for the needs of any-size contractor building any-size bid, McCormick Pro lets you know the exact status of your jobs, labor and change orders while still having time to invest your attention in other important tasks.

McCormick Pro offers all the same industry-leading features as McCormick plus additional features to level up your estimating.

Faster Bids, Every Time

  • Design-build with prebuilt items and custom assemblies
  • Auto-count assemblies, receptacles and measurements in a click
  • Automatically draw, measure and estimate runs with our patented Auto Home Run
  • Update pricing instantly from preferred suppliers

Streamline Your Bidding Process

  • Measure and count assemblies simultaneously
  • Automatically adjust measurements as you build your space
  • Update and compare pricing from most major distributors
  • Know the details of every job with advanced executive dashboards

Customized Software for Your Needs

  • Customizable job screen for bid management
  • Unlimited takeoff windows
  • Custom reports and detailed breakouts (including custom extension reports)
  • Built-in data reporting for accurate, custom data analysis
  • Access trade-specific databases with thousands of preloaded items and assemblies
  • Make changes fast with advanced audit trails and edit extension

Improve Efficiency

  • Easily collaborate with employees and share project information with McCormick’s true multi-user system
  • Create personalized shortcuts with McCormick’s Workspace feature — helping you estimate and takeoff more efficiently every time
  • A fully customizable, preloaded database so you can easily modify and add items or assemblies on the fly

McCormick Pro’s Change Order Management

Know the exact status of all your change orders with McCormick Pro’s change order tracking tool. See at a glance which change orders are outstanding, pending, approved or rejected.

Know Where Each Job Stands

  • Enter and track the status of every change order
  • Instantly see impact to your bottom line
  • Set calendar alerts to never miss a deadline

Cash Flow Forecast

  • Forecast faster with real data to avoid nasty surprises
  • View total changes to cash flow, labor hours and timelines
  • Update projections as soon as you adjust change order status

The McCormick Pro Software Solution is Built for the Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Fields

McCormick Pro’s estimating and digital takeoff software solution is specifically designed to help contractors in the electrical, plumbing and mechanical fields optimize their estimating experience and enhance their ability to create better bids.

Electrical Estimating

  • Scale your estimating to the size of your project. McCormick works well with:
    - Commercial estimating
    - Residential estimating
    - Industrial estimating
    - High & Low voltage estimating
  • Measure, draw and count all cable and wire runs
  • Automatically calculate the length and height of each cable run
  • Electrical database specialized for the US and Canada
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Estimating for Plumbing

  • Work plumbing projects of any type and size, including:
    - Commercial estimating
    - Residential estimating
    - Industrial estimating
  • Mark takeoffs with fully customizable shapes and colors or with industry-standard symbols
  • Build budgets with your own job cost structure and compare performance against estimated revenue, costs, labor hours and quantities
  • Create drawings using your customizable database preloaded with thousands of items and assemblies
Learn more about McCormick’s Plumbing Estimating

Mechanical Estimating

  • McCormick can handle many types of mechanical projects, like:
    - Commercial estimating
    - Residential estimating
    - Industrial estimating
  • Upload and collaborate on multiple drawings at one time
  • Track actual costs and job progress against estimates with customized detail
  • Pre-loaded with material costs and labor units
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Access Your McCormick Software Anywhere with Internet

Save time and money with McCormick’s cloud-based software — no more expensive hardware required.
  • Automatic database back-ups and software updates
  • Unlimited storage
  • High-level data security
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Expert Support at Every Stage

McCormick Systems has provided estimating and digital takeoff solutions to the construction industry for more than 40 years. A team of McCormick experts has seen and experienced the problems you’re facing and are ready to help you at every step of your McCormick software journey. From implementation to client success.


Whether you’re ready to start your McCormick software journey or wanting to learn more about your existing McCormick products, resources are available to help you get the most out of your software.

Integrated Solutions

A member of the Foundation Software family of products, McCormick software integrates with other industry-leading construction software so you can build an all-in-one office.

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